The worldwide industry leader in connecting retailers and suppliers brings you an unprecedented product discovery experience covering all categories within health, beauty, food, beverage, and general merchandise.


Space is limited.Registration closes September 26, 2021 at 12:00 AM (EST) Eastern Standard Time.

Connecting the right buyers & sellers at the right time.

Global Market is designed to put the buyers in the driver's seat by giving them access to a tailored list of products and allowing them to schedule meetings on their terms with the suppliers that make sense for their business. It's a personalized experience with high level categories within 3 verticals.


Food, Beverage, and Foodservice


Baby, Household, Housewares, Pet, School & Office, Toy, Seasonal, and Camping


Beauty, Health Care & Personal Care, and Wellness


A Network of Over 10,000 Buyers from All Classes of Trade


A Network of Over 200,000 Brands with New & Innovative Products


A Fireside Chat with Kevin O'Leary


ECRM kicks off its Global Market: Fall Experience educational lineup with a fireside chat featuring Kevin O’Leary – Mr. Wonderful himself – that will cover key topics of interest to retailers and brands. Kevin O’Leary is the Chairman of O’Shares Investments. He is also the founder and Chief Sommelier of O’Leary Fine Wines, an award-winning wine label, as well as a member of Boston’s 107-year-old Hamilton Trust. In addition to his regular appearances as one of the "sharks" on ABC's Shark Tank, O’Leary is a regular contributor on ABC, CNBC and CTV, and a bestselling author of two books: "Cold Hard Truth and Men, Women and Money," and "Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids and Money." Read more

The Big Business of Well with Wendy Liebmann

Wendy Liebmann, CEO & Chief Shopper, WSL Strategic Retail, will share WSL's latest shopper and retail research and insights on the fast growing, quickly evolving Big Business of WELL.  The company first defined the Big Business of WELL in 2014 as health care became a shopper-led social movement that evolved from "sick care" to "well care". You will learn how shoppers have expanded their vision of what being WELL means post-pandemic, and what brands and retailers need to do to respond.  It is an ever-growing opportunity that reaches across categories, services, technology and values. Read more


Best Practice Center Store Strategies for Today's Shopper

Featuring: Rebecca Lupfer | Vice President Center Store Merchandising at The Giant Company

The global pandemic of 2020 shook the world and the grocery industry was not immune to it. It turned shopping patterns, customer behaviors, supply security and general management of a grocery store on its head. Read more

Petco's Health & Wellness Transformation

Featuring: Nick Konat | Chief Merchandising Officer at Petco

In this fireside chat, Wayne Bennett, SVP Retail of ECRM/RangeMe and Petco Chief Merchandising Officer Nick Konat will discuss the company’s business transformation to provide more health- and wellness-related products and services for pet owners. Read more

The Global Sourcing Imperative

Featuring: John N. Shaw | Sr. Director, Lead - Sourcing Support, International Sourcing, Imports, Trends & Contracts at Peapod Digital Labs

The retail landscape is changing. Consumer interests have shifted, new disruptors are entering the market and retailers need to shift along with them to be competitive in the future and meet consumer needs. In this presentation, John N. Shaw, Sr. Director... Read more

Own Brand Transformation and What's next for Bed Bath Beyond?

Featuring: Joe Hartsig | Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond, and President of Harmon Stores, Inc.

Joe Hartsig the Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond, and President of Harmon Stores, Inc. will discuss the own brand transformation and what is next for the retail giant. Read more


Five Strategies to Building a Resilient and Profitable Supply Chain

Featuring: Ken Fenyo | President, Research & Advisory, Coresight Research

This presentation will provide an overview of the ways retailers can increase supply chain resilience and profitability including intelligent demand forecasting, customer-centric commercial collaboration, visual control, the last mile, and sustainability. Read more

Predicting the Turn

Featuring: Dave Knox | Author, Predicting The Turn: The High Stakes Game of Business Between Startups & Blue Chips

As a brand marketer, venture investor, and startup advisor, Dave Knox will provide a one-of-a-kind worldview into the changing relationship between disruptive startups and Fortune 500 companies. In his Predicting the Turn talk, he teaches companies how to foresee the future of their industry and respond to these new competitive challenges. For the Global Market Experience, Knox will provide a behind the scenes look at how he applied the principles of Predicting The Turn to his acquisition of Nature's Willow and how other entrepreneurs can do the same in growing their brands. Read more

The Wall Street Perspective: Retail/CPG

Featuring: Jason English | Managing Director - Equity Research, Goldman Sachs

CPG manufacturers and retailers alike have experienced one of the most volatile years on record with secular trends masked in some instances and accelerated in others. Goldman Sachs will share its view of what is next for the industry over both a short and medium term horizon and how they believe manufacturers and retailers can and should evolve to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Read more

Independent Retail: Your Path to Gen Z and Millennial Market Share

Featuring: Jasmine Glasheen | Principal Writer and CEO, Jasmine Glasheen & Associates

Retailers can achieve a whopping 14x greater growth by focusing their marketing efforts on Gen Z. (Millennial Stats) but how can they appeal to next gens in a way that doesn’t alienate other generations? Jasmine Glasheen, Principal Writer and CEO at Jasmine Glasheen & Associates will cover how creating a small, hyper-local retail footprint in the areas in which customers reside can help to address this challenge. Read more

What International Suppliers Need to Know to get into the US

Featuring: Julie McPeek and Kate Jones | Partners, Provisor Marketing

To successfully grow brand revenue in the US, it’s important to understand the US consumer’s habits and practices in your specific product category and then reflect those insights in each area of the brand’s business model.  Julie McPeek and Kate Jones of Provisor Marketing will share a current tool for gathering quick insights on the US consumer and examples of how to incorporate those insights into successful brand business models. Read more

Sustainability in the Circular Economy

Featuring: Tom Szaky | Founder and CEO, TerraCycle

In this presentation, Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle, visionary thought leader, entrepreneur and innovator in the area of sustainability solutions and problem solving, will address innovation, how industries have been affected by the pandemic and how are they grappling with the transition from a linear to a circular economy, including how retailers, brands and consumers are reacting, pushing and adopting. Read more



It's about buying. It's about selling.

It's about making the connections between people, products, and ideas that lead the category towards growth and innovation - all on a massive scale. This is where brands go to get the word out for maximizing their exposure among a global buyer audience. It's where buyers go when they want to be first to market with the latest and greatest in the category.


Discover the Perfect Products and make informed decisions that fulfill market demand.

  • Schedule meetings with only the brands that you are interested in learning more about. You're in the driver's seat
  • Learn about the new trends in the industry, category, and supplier base
  • Meet safely and efficiently from the comfort of your home office


Efficiently Boost Brand Exposure and partnerships among your target buyer audience.

  • Expand your brand exposure to buyers from around the world
  • Interact with interested buyers who are actively searching for new products and suppliers
  • Meet safely and efficiently from the comfort of your home office


The ECRM 2021 Global Market: Fall Experience leverages the power of product discovery in RangeMe with meaningful interactions in ECRM Connect in 4 simple steps:


Create Exposure

Suppliers create a RangeMe profile to showcase their unique brand to buyers 24/7/365


Discover Brands

Buyers search a curated list of products on RangeMe to discover brands within their focus


Request Meetings

This do it yourself platform allows buyers to request meetings with suppliers of interest, all from the RangeMe platform


Facilitate Commerce

One-on-one meetings are scheduled and held virtually on the ECRM Connect platform 

Are you Ready to Make it Happen?

Your Categories. Your Schedule. Your Success.


Still have questions? Speak to an expert


Pricing for All Levels

We know everyone is starting this journey from different places. Whether you’re a leading brand or haven’t broken into retail yet - our price structure can accommodate all suppliers without breaking the bank.

Retail buyers can participate at no cost, but we require that each participating buyer actively search for suppliers, request meetings, and attend any scheduled meetings.

Global Market Registration Pricing

Suppliers who are interested in the opportunity to meet with global buyers.



Current RangeMe

Suppliers who have an active subscription to RangeMe Premium or RangeMe Pro.

$750 $500

ECRM Program Participants

Suppliers who have participated in an ECRM Program in 2020, 2021, or those in the future.

$750 $250

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with my registration? For suppliers it is all about brand exposure.  A RangeMe brand profile will be created and will showcase your brand and products to your category buyers. Buyers can schedule meetings with brands they are interested in right within RangeMe. Those virtual, face-to-face meetings are then held on the ECRM Connect platform. In addition to brand exposure and discovery, all participants will have access to a best-in-class line up of educational sessions hosted by thought leaders in a variety of industries.

How Do Buyers Discover Products? Buyers can use the filters in RangeMe to search for relevant products based on criteria that is important to them. It is in RangeMe where they also schedule meetings with the brands of interest.

Do I need to have a RangeMe profile in order to register? Having a RangeMe profile makes the registration process much easier, but it's not a requirement. However, you will need to create a RangeMe profile in order to participate in the Global Market.

Do my products need to be distributed globally in order to participate? No, suppliers of all sizes and regions are welcome. We are calling this a global market because there are buyers and sellers from all over the world participating but global distribution is not a requirement.

What are the payment terms? Retail buyers may participate at no cost.  For suppliers, payment is due in full up front and will be collected during the registration process via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) or ACH. As we begin providing access and coaching to build your brand profile upon registration, this payment is non-refundable.

Are there training resources and customer support available? There is a large library of training materials that can assist with the ins and outs of both the RangeMe and ECRM Connect technologies. Additionally, ECRM will provide a series of informational webinars, training videos, and system tests to ensure your meetings go off without a hitch.

How do meetings get scheduled? As buyers are reviewing brand profiles, they can contact a supplier to let them know they would like to schedule a meeting.  The supplier will be notified and will have access to the buyer’s availability to schedule the meeting during an open timeslot.  At the designated time, both the supplier and buyer will access ECRM Connect to conduct the virtual face-to-face meeting.

As a supplier, how many meetings can I expect? At our first Global Market, most suppliers had between 1-5 appointments, as more buyers participate we expect that number to continue to rise.

How long will each meeting be? Virtual buyer meetings are 15 minutes each, which will enable suppliers to showcase their products and discuss core business details.

I am a supplier, will I receive guaranteed meetings? Your registration does not guarantee that you will receive meetings with buyers as that is up to the buyer whether or not to schedule.  However, we can guarantee you will receive a ton of brand exposure from the correct category buyers as they are searching the RangeMe platform.

As a Buyer How do I get the most out of my Global Market Participation? Global Market is a do it yourself model. The more searching you do, the more meetings you schedule the more value you will get out of the experience. Although meetings take place over a specified week, it is essential that buyers devote time up front to scheduling meetings with suppliers of interest.

How do I access the full list of participating companies? Once your registration is complete you will have access to the list of participating companies within your category on the preparation website.