Exciting News! ECRM is pleased to extend an exclusive offer for Spanish businesses looking to participate in ECRM's EU Beauty Week with support from Stanpa.

Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing

A Driving Force for Buyers + Sellers

Getting a new product on the shelves at well-known retail stores is incredibly hard. Finding worthy brands is equally hard for buyers. ECRM is the bridge between the two worlds. We put you in front of the right people at retail chains and key distributors at the right time – when they’re actively searching for new products to sell.

We are your catalyst, your engine, your spark.

The Right People at the Right Time

Putting your best foot forward is always sound advice...but what if the problem is getting your foot in the door in the first place?

ECRM is your spark, driving business opportunity by putting you in front of buyers at major retailers who are actively looking for new and innovative products. We put you in the driver’s seat so all you have to do is step on the gas.

Our Success Depends on Your Success

ECRM has a very unique business model, matching product suppliers and business owners with retail and foodservice category managers and buyers that have a stated need for their products.

We stay in business by ensuring our customers succeed. In the case of suppliers, that means we do everything in our power to make sure you get in front of the right people, at the right time.

The European Cosmetics and Fragrance Program

01 - 05 February 2021, Held Virutally

Innovation Pipeline | €8,000 Euros, Planning Session | €11,500 Euros

The European Skin, Bath, Hair & Sun Care Programs

01 - 05 February 2021, Held Virtually

Innovation Pipeline | 8,000 Euros, Planning Session | €11,500 Euros

The European Premium Beauty Care Program

03 - 04 February 2021, Held Virtually

Innovation Pipeline | €3,500 Euros, Planning Session | €4,500 Euros

How it Works

Meetings with buyers are pre-scheduled with only the right buyers that align with your categories and capabilities. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager who will help vet and match you with qualified buying partners. Discounted participating options for Spanish businesses with support from Stanpa are listed above. Any Stanpa supplier who completes the Let's Talk form below is eligible to receive these discounts.